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About Us

Our focus is to continually pursue excellence in  all we do, from our  program, talent, resources, and  commitment to quality.  Addiction and mental illness affects so many lives, not just the one suffering, but their families, friends and community. The Edmonton Dream Centre  provides a proven, accredited opportunity for women and their children who suffer from addiction, poverty, trauma and abusive situations. We offer counselling, tools for sober living, life skills development, and inspire hope by empowering real change for our clients through our program,  staffed by a team of caring professionals.

Rebuilding one woman’s life can break the cycle of addiction and has a positive ripple effect in our communities.  The passion of our team and vibrancy of our organization directly impacts the lives of women and their children in enduring ways.

As we continue to see the need for addiction recovery and the devastation this mental illness has on the individual and society as a whole, we recognize the need to build for the future.

  • Develop more “Next Homes” of dignity and safety as our women enter independent living
  • Reach more women in crisis with their children
  • Develop a stronger NEW Brand presence to create greater awareness
  • Expand to offer services for up to 60 women and 24 children
  • Building for the future, a larger facility with community partnerships


donating and fundraising online for any registered Canadian charity

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