donating and fundraising online for any registered Canadian charity“I had been struggling with a 10 year addiction and spent 2 years homeless. I remember my last homeless night as I was wondering around a residential area looking for a place to sleep; I saw a house where the lights were on and I could see it was well furnished.
I saw a family in their living room, watching TV together. It looked so warm and cozy and that night was really cold outside. I started crying. I was sick and tired of my life. At that moment I realized that all I truly wanted was a home and a family to love.
It seemed so simple yet I didn’t know how to get there. That was when I made a decision to do whatever it took to change and found myself at the Edmonton Dream Centre” said Starla.

Today, Starla is a transformed woman, with an unshakable faith in God, and lots of dreams in her heart. She attended University, began a career, and rents her own apartment making a home for herself and her daughter.
She even found it in her heart to give back, to the Centre that gave her so much and is now employed as a part-time support worker at the Edmonton Dream Centre!

“I am so so incredibly grateful, The Dream Centre empowered me to make good healthy decisions and put me back in control of my life. Living clean and sober is the best thing I’ve ever done” says Starla.

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