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Our History

The Edmonton Dream Centre began it’s journey in 1998 as an outreach of the Inner City Mission. Its inception resulted from a growing need among women in the downtown area for a longer-term program that would result in real life changes. The Dream Centre first operated from two houses on 96th Street; this location was less than ideal because the conditions from which the women were fleeing (drugs, alcohol, prostitution, etc.) remained close at hand.

In the fall of 2005 we moved away from the inner city to an apartment complex. This new facility has had a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of our program! Well over 500 women have been assisted, and our reputation for success has led to a new challenge. The number of women who now want to enter our program far exceeds our ability to accommodate them – once again we have we have outgrown our facility.

We look forward to what’s on the horizon and increasing our ability to reach more women and children who are affected by this disease. Our goal is to build a new facility where we can provide for up to 60 women and 24 children. This will empower us to serve almost four times the capacity we have today.

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