donating and fundraising online for any registered Canadian charityMy top priority is to be a great mom, I have learned how to parent well and discipline the right way. However, I have also learned I need to better myself before I’m fully capable of teaching and parenting my daughter. I have learned that setting boundaries is ok, and healthy for relationships.

I’ve learned to challenge my thinking and change from a negative to positive perspective and to know what the reality is. Over time with transition, I’ve experienced more independence; learning to live like an adult with responsibilities and raising a child. The only challenges for me are consistently changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and not letting old habits take over.

Before coming to the Edmonton Dream Centre I didn’t have a relationship with God at all and now I do. I continue growing every single day as I learn more about Him and myself. I have put my trust into God with many things in my life but still struggle with a few. I’m praying more because I know the importance of that and want to grow closer with God. I truly want to do what God wants of me and there are many times now that I get convicted of things that never bothered me inside before. -Amber

Letters from Heaven
My God Makes Me Brave
One Winter Night